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An Ode to Chicken Nuggets (Can You Guess What We Had for Dinner Last Night?)

I love you chicken nugget
Crispy golden and so small
I make you twenty times a week
My kids still eat you all ...

You’re great with lots of sauces
Ketchup, soy, or BBQ
Mustard, mayo, duck sauce
They all go real nice with you ... 

I can put you on a stick
Or stick you in a roll
I can cut you up in pieces
Or the kids can eat you whole. 

You come in many shapes
So you’ll entice and seem like fun,
From dinosaurs to tender strips
You’re always #1. 

I make you in the evening
And I’ll pack you in their lunch
The perfect bribe for veggies
For a more nutritious punch 

You’re tasty and delicious
And it comes as no surprise
I can’t keep my hands off you
... Then you land up on my thighs.

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