Oh, the Joy of Twins!

by Julixa Newman

Oh, the Joy of Twins!

Recently I was approached by a thirty-something-year-old woman at the mall who seemed a little intrigued by how I managed to have one-year-old twins and a five-year-old at home. She rambled on about how horrible things would be at her house if she had that many children. Don’t get me wrong. She wasn’t in any way rude but it was funny to see what a total outsider thinks when she sees me strolling along. I know many see me as a walking advertisement for birth control but boy am I proud of it.


I love having twins. Yes, I admit, I was scared at first when I found out that there were two little people in the oven but as time went on, I could not fathom ever having it any other way. If you’re having twins, please keep in mind the following:


Yes, it is twice the work. I am not going to tell you otherwise because it just wouldn’t be fair. However, let’s face it, how much more work is it to change an extra diaper or burp and extra child? It’s about organization my dear moms. Your first goal is to get them to eat at the same time (give or take a couple of minutes). Once that is done, you work on getting them to nap at the same time … trust me, once you have that hour or two of free time during the day it makes a world of a difference!


Remember when you were in high school and you secretly loved having two boys fight for your attention? Welcome back! All babies need their very own snuggle time and twins are no exception. You will always have one either sitting on your lap or giving you big sloppy kisses. Take that, moms of singletons!


You don’t grow out of “phases” too quickly. They will never develop at the same time and to me that was a blessing! When one baby learned to walk, I still had the other wanting to crawl to me. How many people can say that they called their husbands twice the same year to say that their baby has taken his/hers first steps? I smile just thinking about it.


In my home, there is nothing better than the “giggle effect”. It is such a joy to see one baby make the other giggle. I know what you’re thinking, “That would also mean that they often cry at the same time.” Right indeed but this is my article and we are not placing a negative word in it!


Outsiders will be fascinated by you. You will be stopped at malls and shopping centers and you will be questioned about your children. Grandmas love twins! Be prepared to feel just like a celebrity because in your own little way you are!


By the time the toddler years come along you have had what I consider a Master’s in Babyhood. Done with the toddler years? Consider that another badge on your chest and so on and so on…


I hope that the lady at the mall reads this article. It’s the only way that I can explain the smirk on my face as she spoke.