Oh, Those Summer Days

by admin

Oh, Those Summer Days

This weekend was busy with a soccer tournament and taking my daughter to church camp. This weekend beacons me back to unforgettable summer days that journeyed me toward womanhood. These days were some of the most fun and memorable days of my life. Reflecting on these days, as my daughter approaches teenage-hood, puts a huge smile on my face and in my heart.

Between soccer games, we took the opportunity to relax under a small retractable tent. My son and husband were tossing a football, my daughter and her friend were recharging for the next game laying on the blanket listening to tunes, and I was sitting back soaking it all in. Other games were being played; cheers, whistles, and younger siblings were playing and laughing.

Rewind twenty-five years. Nothing wore me out like swimming with my friends on a hot summer day. I would retreat to my towel oasis to apply the sun tan lotion and eat a snack. The warmth of the sun made my eyelids heavy. I fell into a state that couldn’t be called sleep and knowing what I know today, it could have been considered a state of meditation.

Back to 2008, I take my turn lying on the blanket under the tent. I close my eyes as my senses soak in everything and hearing a distinct sound seals the deal. I hear a plane overhead. Weird! I can’t pin point why that sound brought on this overwhelming feeling of days gone by. I just accept the power of all my senses and am grateful that they brought me back to reflections of these days.

Smell of Fun in the Sun
I am left wondering who invented the smell of sun tan lotion/sunscreen. On a side note, I have a strange attraction to the smell of rubber. The only thing I can think of is that I had the hots for a guy who worked on cars. My girlfriend and I would hang out with the guys at the car shop that stocked tires.

Sounds of Cheers and Laughter
Friendship, teamwork, road trips, goofy times between games … I had these experiences and so is my daughter. Watching her play sports with her friends and being herself with her friends is a source of great joy for me. She is so much like me and as I have been looking deep inside myself these days the more I feel, I need to be more like her (me). The more in touch I am with myself, the closer I am to her.

All of this left me with an overwhelming feeling of joy this weekend. I am so grateful for my children. I have much to learn from them. To be me, I need to be more like them.

Let’s spread joy, shed fear, and have more fun!