Once Upon a Potty: Make That Four Potties

by admin

Once Upon a Potty: Make That Four Potties

The time is drawing near that we will try to tackle potty training with our quadruplets. Four boys! Heaven help us!

For now we are in the stage of introducing the idea. Operation Potty Train Quadruplets will commence when they seem a little more “ready.”

However, would you like to hear a humorous story from our little “introduction session”? I had Isaac sit on the potty for an “attempt” and wouldn’t you know that he quickly had an audience of three (in our already cramped little bathroom) yelling, “PUSH! PUSH!” Needless to say, his attempt was not successful.

I’ll be looking to you, for advise, humor, sympathy, etc. in the next few months. 

Today my two pertinent questions are:

1. What type of potty chair do you recommend? (I know that many of you recommend using the toilet, because then you have to transition from the potty chair to the toilet, but I can’t be in four bathrooms at the same time, nor do we have four bathrooms!) I’ve heard the simpler the better? There are so many options out there, it’s ridiculous! I mean a potty chair that sings and flushes? A slot machine potty? There are thrones with all the bells and whistles, including their own toilet paper holder.

You know what a potty chair would do if I designed it? It would clean the ruined underwear that I have a feeling is going to become a new budget item, that’s what it would do! 

2. What types of motivation would you recommend to introduce the idea? Did you have a favorite story or video? A doll or stuffed animal?

I’m here to learn, people, and I so appreciate your input. We will survive this, right?

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