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One Couch

There is a saying in our family: “One couch.” This means … literally one couch. Wherever you are in the room, you must move and join together on one couch—and sit together as a family. Brian and I used to say this to each other when it was just the two of us. Then there was Skyfox, our dog, and we would all get together on the couch for TV viewing. Then there was Tommy. I recently said to Tommy, who is now twenty-two months old, “One couch.” Then I picked him up from his toddler chair to snuggle with us on the couch. Tommy was reluctant at first, cozy and comfortable in his very own chair for Elmo viewing.

It took a few weeks for him to jump on board, but now as I am trying to finish up an email or read the paper in the dining room, I hear a little voice saying “One couch,” and I know what I must do … drop whatever I am doing and pick up that growing kiddo, which always makes him chuckle, and gather Brian and Skyfox to enjoy one couch and snuggle for as long as we can (about two seconds in toddler land). 

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