One Night Stands: What’s Your Stand?

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One Night Stands: What’s Your Stand?

The New York Times ran an op-ed piece recently opining to those over thirty (yes, ours hand are raised, for sure!) that dating is dated and hooking up is here to stay. Hooking up, a casual sexual encounter with no expectations, is what high school and college kids are doing right now. It’s all about casual sex with someone in his or her crowd. In other words, date night is out; hanging out with a group of friends is in. Hooking up is what more and more high school and college kids are doing. But how about adults in their thirties and beyond?

(See The New York Times article here.)

And how about single parents?
“Hooking up, ” or casual sex with no expectations is what we’ve always called “a one-night stand.” Sometimes, there are one night stands with someone who’s a presence in your daily life. But for the over-thirty crowd, a one-night stand usually happens with a stranger or acquaintance—not a friend.

Where do you stand on one night stands?
Do you relish the sexual confidence that allows you to enjoy one-night stands? Do you welcome the freedom from emotional entanglements that comes from separating sex and love? Are you appalled by all this casual sex and long for a committed relationship? Are you somewhere in the middle? Do you prefer “friends with benefits” or do you have “that certain kind of buddy” who meets your sexual needs?

Single parents we’ve chatted with tell us that one-night stands are great for grown-ups … but not for kids! It seems a “maintenance man” during this time without a steady guy.

We’re definitely interested. Do share!