One Spoiled Egg,Teen Sister Wants To Debate A Dog

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One Spoiled Egg,Teen Sister Wants To Debate A Dog

One Spoiled Egg,"Teen Sister Wants To Debate A Dog" (C)2012ERIN ESMAROSA

This Blog was written back in 2007,Been thinking about it because it seems she

has brought the pet peeve back up.She feels I need to get a life or a dog to fill my

lonely void .Raising her has been my life and working to make a comfortable living.

Well here we go-pack the luggage for the guilt trip.Little sister feels I should

accomodate her with a request,after all how dare me leave town on business.

Memorbila from my trip,such as post cards and pamplets of attractions and oh

yes when I occassionally find the attractions on view finder,(remember the round

disc with the pics?) doesn't seem to be enough.She seems to be a lot more moody

and cranky then she used to be.More so then I remember when she was a toddler

cutting teeth.The terrible twos-Now it's the terrible teens.

She wants a dog-I told her No-way! this will mean more work and responsibility

for Me! Which includes and not limited to hauling in pet brand food,vet and vet bills,

pottie training,staying up with wimpering and this includes myself wimpering from

exhaustion from all that enTAILs with doggie dU-ties.

Of course you can already guess the reply and the negotiating begins with reassurance,

"You won't have to lift a finger,I'll take care of all of these responsibilities.I promise!"

My reply,"Don't make a promise you know you won't keep."

"OH yes,Little Sister,Do you remember last school session,because I remember it well-

It was Easter season,Lent which I didn't get a choice of what to give up it was imposed on

me,"Lack Of Sleep."

FLASH BACK-(my day); I don't know how many people went through the class;

Life Skills or Home Ec. the lesson of being given an egg to take care of and sometimes

one would be paired up with a partner to take care of this egg of responsibility.

We decorated it with a face and adorned it with lace and whatever else.Then placed

it in an adorned, green flimsy vegetable basket the crib,and of course vegetable baskets

have changed like baby gear and now can be found clear with snap lid and vents,more secure.

The basket layered with a cushion of Easter grass,tissue,your choice as long as it is

padded for protection of said egg that is a pretend baby.Well of course our grades

depended on keeping notes of pretend taking care of this egg and returning it to school

intact,not one crack on Humpty Dumpty or even a leak.

I'm thinking,how is the teacher going to know I have the same egg and that there won't

be an identy crisis. In comes my little brother.My Humpty Dumpstress in her cute basket

with her little blanket and pink bow and rif raft dress,is sitting on the kitchen table.My

brother sits down and carelessly shoving his books around, spreading all around,-off the

table,-Crack!,-egg yolk in the floor.Of course,I become a drama momma over the incident.

My Mother,"Oh Please,We will fix it,All will be fine." So out comes an egg-an hour later-

Humpty Dumpstress #2 looks great.- I think of all the eggs being cared for on this school

project-how is the teacher going to know if the same egg? After all polaroid pic wasn't

taken and she wasn't egg shell identity printed or tatooed,or was she?

I go back to school-off to the class.Little do I know teacher used invisable pen or wax,

some technique and I'm caught-get a D only because an egg was returned and adorned-

some people didn't return an egg.

Back to my point with Little Sister.She brings home a doll to take care of for the week.

I have no idea how the teacher is suppose to tell how well this baby doll is being cared for

or that the doll puts out a cry of a decimal of what degree I don't know,only that it is

annoying and irratating and can only be stopped by putting a key in its' back somehow

and by turning it.

I remind my Sister of how she slept through this several times.I had to wake her up.

I ended up going down stairs,shut myself in the den room and slept on the couch.

Of course very cranky the next morning.Little Sister got an F with a note that the doll had

been neglected-abused.No telling how many times the doll fell off the bed or cryed way

over a time limit. There is a recorder of some type inside the doll,And,"NO" to you curious

readers I did not -repeat-Did Not throw the thing-I felt like it.

As far as Eden is getting with me on this subject of caring for and taking responsibility

of a living thing-A plant it will be-a trip to the garden center tomorrow morning after

I scramble some eggs for breakfast.I plan on getting a good nights sleep.Eden is getting

eggactly what she deserves.LOL

Have A Good One