One of Those Mommy Idiot Moments

by admin

One of Those Mommy Idiot Moments

I had one of those “Mommy idiot” moments today. My two-year-old likes to act like he is a construction worker by sticking all of his wood and plastic play tools into pants. He walks around using the waistband of his pants as his tool belt. Smart kid I must say.

When I was brushing my teeth he came into the bathroom and asked, “Mama where’s my tool?” I turned around and saw him feel inside his pant leg. I leaned over and gave him a security check like they do at the airport and felt no tools. I swear. I then sent him on his merry way.

We went to the park, strolled in his stroller, had a snack, and then came home to eat lunch. He walked into the living room and yelled, “Ouch!” I just figured he was trying to poop because clearly there was nothing hurting him when I looked.

Okay, so I must have a screw loose in my head. Two hours later I changed his poopy diaper to find to find a three-inch long, one-inch thick, plastic toy screw.  That’s why he couldn’t find his tool earlier. He must have pushed it into his diaper.

I felt bad knowing that he had that screw in his diaper while we were at the park. Duh. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who has her “idiot” moments. Come to think of it, a real idiot moment would be if I thought that he had eaten it! Poor guy, he was such a trooper.