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This One’s for the Girls

Hello to all the beautiful women of the world. The sun is shining; it’s a wonderful day to be alive.

I am the mother of two amazing daughters.

My oldest, Jennifer, is married to a British gentleman, and lives off the coast of Spain. She is an adventurous lady, who has traveled and seen parts of the world most of us only dream of seeing. Even when she was a child, I could see her need for space, a need to be free. She always had a great imagination, and I knew she would go far in life. I miss being close to her, but I had to learn to let her go.

Now on to my strong willed rebel child, my baby ... my unique, peaches and cream, strawberry blonde southern beauty, Melanie. Watching her grow up was like unwrapping a new gift everyday. She was tough as any boy, could get down in the dirty, and had a way with animals. She always made it clear what was on her mind, and still does at the ripe old age of thirty. She didn’t always make the right choices, and her stubborn way, got her in trouble many times. She became a mother at the age of fifteen. She had lots of struggles and her father and I made sure she took on her responsibility.

On Valentines Day, 1996, our lives were blessed beyond words, with the birth of our only grandchild.

I wasn’t ready to be a grandmother at thirty-seven ... but I wouldn’t change a thing about it even if I could.

Melanie grew up, finished school, and married a wonderful man. She is a nurse; she has a gentle spirit, and a compassionate heart.

As I look back, I can see a little bit of me in both of my daughters, I am blessed to be their mother. I look back through the years, fast forward to today ... I sigh and smile ... and say I did okay.

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