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Open Letter From an Abandoned Child

Dear Mother,

I have been thinking of you lately. Not sure why since I have not seen you in over twenty-five years. Funny, what you miss when you abandon your child. In reality, you have missed my life. I wonder how that makes you feel. Every major event, you were not there. No holidays. No birthdays. No illness. I wonder how that makes you feel.

The selfish side of me wants to know why, but the answer is simple, you had other things to do. Perhaps better offers from the play daughters you always talked about? Funny, you are my mother, but you always preferred them. Maybe because there was no responsibility attached to it. I guess you are safe now that I am all grown up. There are no school bills to pay, teeth to be fixed, or birthday parties you need to plan. Someone else did it. I wonder how that makes you feel.

Yes, I am thinking of you today, and even thought I wanted to find you, but I remembered, your absence was your choice. So as much as I may wonder, I will leave you to continue your life without me. I wonder how that makes you feel.



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