Our Blessing

by admin

Our Blessing

Every child wants to be a mother when she is a kid. Playing with baby dolls and pretending to be the mother. Well after being married for a few months, my husband and I tried for a child and were double-blessed. Twins boys (wow), but at four months along God called them home. We figured he had a special job for them to do in heaven. Our little angels, we say.

Then we said we are not giving up having kids and six months later I was pregnant again, but again God called her home. This time I was five months along. Now, my husband and I prayed, we asked God, Why? My husband again said we are not letting Satan win, so my husband found a doctor who could tell us why I was miscarrying babies. We found a Christian doctor and midwife. They told me I have a weak cervix and need a stitch to hold a baby in the womb. So, we tried again and, bingo, pregnant.

We prayed along with the doctor and midwife that this baby make it in the world. Well at twelve weeks I had the stitch and praise the lord I went passed five months along all the way to thirty-six weeks of pregnancy before I gave birth to Desiree Michelle Smith. Now Desiree is seven and very smart and loves Jesus with all her heart. We thought why not try again and, sad to say, we lost another baby last year a son at five months along. We were sad but we have faith and know that God does things for a reason and when he is ready for us to have another, and for me to have a healthy pregnancy, it will happen.

If there is something you really want in life, don’t give up keep trying until God gives you your blessings. We will let you know when God gives us our second miracle.