Our Sweet Twins, Our Miracles

by admin

Our Sweet Twins, Our Miracles

Our sweet twins,

Each day I think what our lives will be like in just a few weeks. I experience a normal day of sipping tea while jazz music dances within these walls I call “home” and somehow I find a way to include you. My thoughts are consumed of your life, happiness, and safeguard. If only I could meet you now—just hold in you in my arms. Hold you tightly because in my heart I know that is what you need.

I do not know the shape of your face, the sound of your coos or the light in your eyes. I imagine milky skin and soft scents with shiny strands of hazelnut. Yet, you are a mystery written in the stars that will one day reveal all of you, our precious children. The children we will call our own. Our own miracles.

Your father and I talk of you daily. We discuss tucking you into bed behind the safety of blankets with satin trim in a room with soft glows. Which songs I will sing to you in low whispers. Your mommy is always creating new songs and they are sure to bring you sunshine on England’s cloudy days of raindrops and umbrellas. I’ll teach about courage and how to overcome life’s hardships, the cuteness of a cat’s pink nose, how to write the perfect thank you letter, make the scrummist of cupcakes, and how to sew a button on your favorite winter coat. Your father will teach you to protect, defend, and comfort yourself. He is terrific at football and laughs when you mommy calls it “soccer.”

Live fearlessly, my brave, sweet twins. That is what we will encourage you to do. Your father will teach you to play the guitar and how it feels to be loved unconditionally. I’ll teach you to wrap presents and how to make a gingerbread house. Together we will teach you to build a fort and to hear the ocean echo in a seashell. Already you are teaching us to be patient and to overcome any obstacle that may stand in the way of a dream. That dream is you.

You grow within my heart and already I know you are mine and I am yours. One day I’ll hold you in my arms, oh so tightly and sing to you my dear children.

Your life will be so fine
You’re gonna have the sweetest time

I could wish you lots of things
A clever mind and diamond rings

The knowledge that you’re always free
Compassion for all that you see

But the best thing, I can think of
Is to wish you love

So right from the very start
I wish you a lions heart

A little darkness let it come
So that you will always know the sun

May it shine down from above
Let it fill your life with love

Your life will be so fine
You’re gonna have the sweetest time

I love you,

Your mommy (to be) xoxo