Overcome Your Pregnancy Cravings

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Overcome Your Pregnancy Cravings

We’ve all heard the stereotypical story about the poor husband/partner running out at 4 a.m. to get his pregnant wife pickles and ice cream.

Yes, pregnancy and cravings do go together; but no, food cravings are NOT necessarily all bad.

In fact, most food cravings are really just your body’s way of communicating with you and telling you what it needs. The problem is getting the message right! Most of the time we misinterpret, we give in, and we overindulge.

Most often, your physical cravings are telling you what you’re missing!

For example, if you’re craving citrus, you may need more folic acid in your food. You can eat more oranges, but you can also focus on eating more dark green lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, peanuts (if you’re not allergic). and cereal.

The same goes for red meat cravings. You may need to increase your iron. Eat more beans, peas, nuts, dried fruit, meat, and breakfast cereal (but do avoid the high sugar ones).

Really listen to your messages! Here’s how . . .

First you need to identify WHERE your craving is coming from:

  • Emotional hunger begins in the mind, it’s almost like the food is “beckoning” for you to eat it; while
  • Physical hunger begins in your stomach, with a “humming” or empty feeling.

Emotional Hunger—Try to “Skip” the Message

Most pregnant women experience emotional cravings for food. We are motivated to eat by the sight, smell, thought, or memory of a certain food. The downside is most emotional foods are less-than-healthy and high in sugar. Not to mention when you eat out of emotional hunger 95 percent of the time you WILL overeat. This happens because there is NO physical cue to STOP eating once you begin.

Pregnant women also misinterpret what their bodies are craving. For example, your “body” doesn’t need a Double Fudge Chocolate Sunday from your favorite ice cream parlor—what your body may need though is calcium.

Does this mean you can never treat yourself? NO! What it does mean is that you must be aware of what’s motivating you, be mindful of what you put in your mouth, and be able to limit your indulgences.

Physical Cravings—Pay Close Attention to the Message

Your body knows intuitively what it needs and it will tell you exactly what that is – you just have to learn to listen to it and be able to interpret the message.

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