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Well some people may think I’m just a baby even though I am twenty-three years old and eight weeks pregnant with my first child. Yes, I am happily married. I have been for almost three years in June. It all started after I got married. Everyone expected me to become pregnant very fast. Well that wasn’t in the near future for us and we knew why. A few years prior to getting married I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If you don’t know, it’s where you have tiny cysts develop on your ovaries constantly and very irregular cycles. Anyway that really wasn’t the problem. On January 24th, 2007 I had a Pulmonary Embolism at twenty-two years old. That is where a blood clot travels to your lung.

After this life changing experience I knew we had a long road ahead of me. The doctors ran tons of blood work and nothing showed up a reason for this to happen. That day was the fifth day I was taking the fertility drug Clomid. Although the Hematologist configured that this drug absolutely did not cause my clot, I knew the Great Lord did this for a reason; My husband and I were not ready for a child, even though we knew in our hearts we wanted this more than anything, it wasn’t our time. So after eleven months of therapy on Coumadin, a blood thinner and many doctors’ appointments, we finally had a chance to start trying on December 26th, 2007. Once I was cleared it was safe, I made an appointment with my Gynecologist to consult our fertility issue. During that appointment I was prescribed Clomid once again. So the next day I went to get the prescription filled knowing I would soon start my monthly cycle.

Well about a week after this appointment I celebrated my twenty-third birthday. By then I still hadn’t started but I was cramping and my breasts were extremely tender as always before my period. Another week passed, nothing had changed. So I went and bought a pregnancy test from our local Dollar Store. Negative. Okay, well I just figured I would start in a few days. I was never on time. On February 7th, 2008 I started spotting. Which is normal on my first day. Great! I thought, I get to start my Clomid in a few days. So I called my Gyno to tell him I would be starting my Clomid in a few days and that I had started my period. The next day I stopped. I called the doctor back and they suggested to do a blood pregnancy test that afternoon just to rule it out. So I just figured that it would come back negative as always. My husband would not leave me alone. He kept asking if they had called about the results by that night. Of course they hadn’t.

The next day I proceeded to go on to my daily work schedule, not even once thinking about the test results. To my dismay, no sooner than I got off work I had six missed calls from my Gyno’s office. I kept thinking “was it positive?” So obviously I gave them a call and no sooner than the nurse got on the phone she quietly said, “you’re pregnant!” And what do I do? I said “am I really?” I could not stop the tears. Immediately I felt nauseous. No wonder I was falling asleep two hours before I normally did, and my temper was very short fused at the time. I just thought PMS. Nope, it wasn’t. It was my unbalanced hormones.

How did I tell my husband? I went to a local store and bought a card and two pacifiers, a blue and a pink one. Inside the card it said “we’re expecting.” I knew at the time my husband was still at work. I drove by and put the card and two pacifiers in the front seat of the car before he was getting off within the next fifteen minutes. No sooner than I pulled into the driveway, I looked back and there he was pulling in behind me. My mother, who did not know yet was waiting for me outside to visit. As soon as my husband jumped out of the car he asked, “is this for real?” I screamed “yes!” So we hugged and kissed. My mom did not know what was going on so of course she asked and I said, “I’m pregnant.” I thought she was going to pass out on the spot.

We continued our weekend celebrating and telling our closest family and friends. By the end of the weekend we realized we hadn’t told his parents yet. The following Sunday was his dad’s birthday. What a great opportunity? It was very hard keeping it from them during that whole week. Well the day of his dad’s birthday came. I took a urine pregnancy test, already positive and placed it in a gift bag along with one of the pacifiers. The time came to open gifts and he pulled out the pacifier like “what? Are you saying I’m turning back into a baby again because I’m getting old?” Then he pulls out the pregnancy test and could not figure out what it was. So once we got their attention, they both looked at us and we shouted “we’re pregnant!” It was a great moment. I had never seen his dad cry till that day. So that pacifier has been worn on a pin on my mother-in-law’s shirt everyday since, honoring the fact that she is going to be a grandma in October. I love being pregnant!!!