Pants on the Ground

by admin

Pants on the Ground

So, the principal called today. Daughter got in trouble for pantsing a fellow classmate in class during a spelling game. Still. Cant. Breathe.

Trying to remember everything Principal said during the thirteen-minute conversation. Punishment is one day in principal’s office doing regular work, won’t go on permanent record, others won’t know.

Principal can’t tell me name of boy or name of anyone else involved. I have no idea if it’s one of the boys whose parents I am friends with on Facebook, or not. Should I log in and look for suspicious statuses from the last few days? Am I sounding a little paranoid? Um, yeah!

I can’t believe that my little girl would do this. But, wait, I guess I can. Just two days ago, I was sitting with my best friend watching our youngest daughters play, and we were discussing our oldest daughters.

I brought the subject up that mine just didn’t seem very happy lately, and by “lately,” I mean like six months (at least). She calmed my concerns a little, by relating that her daughter was a handful “lately” too, and that maybe this was a phase that’s common at this age.

I don’t remember nine being a tough age. Third grade was still fun and innocent. You could wear bows and ribbons in your hair and on your shoes. We still held hands when we walked from the classroom to the playground.

Is it just me, or have times changed? Of course they have, but did they change that much? Of course they have. Just ask the little boy with his pants on the ground.