Parenting Help: Teenagers

by admin

Parenting Help: Teenagers

Okay, most of the parents out there always fight with their teens and it’s hard to make them close again. Here’s your ticket to help!

  1. They want you to trust them.
    You need to know your teen wants you to trust them with their friends, mates, and when they are online, and are at school. If you don’t trust them, you’re going to separate further.
  2. When you meet their friends.
    They may think that you’re going to be embarrassing, but if you make them laugh, she/he will think you’re cool! Believe it or not.
  3. They want you to let them have phones.
    Okay, now most of you out there don’t want your child to have a phone ! Okay, well if you’re divorced, they need one. But if you’re together, it might help her/him a lot— in so many ways!
  4. When you fight, let them get their way (sometimes).
    You don’t need to keep it going. When you’re done fighting or if you always fight and never say “sorry,” say it. Now or never!

Thank you for taking/reading my advice.

Mrs. Me
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