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Parents Need to Loosen Up

I am a mother of 3. I am so blessed to have wonderful children! I have learned to loosen up towards my children. When i was growning up; my parents was so strict on me that i swore to myself..when i have children i will raise them the opposite of what my parents did to me. That is exactly what i am doing. The main point to my story is that: all children goes through a rebellious stage. We can either be against them or be with them. If we tell them "no" to everything that they either want or enjoy- regardless, they will find a way to get it or do it and it will definitely be behind your back. Why not be with them but with limitations. It will be a win win situation. They get what they want; and youwill behappy that they trust you enough to confide in you.In today's society, we are always on the move. Families are reallynot sitting downat the dinner table to eat meals as a whole family anymore. One is either in their room, one isat work..there is always something going on. That iswhen the family starts to seperate andalienate from each other.You as a parentis constantly teaching your children right from wrong all the time, right?? then youalso need to find a time to cutoff the apron string that is attached to your child. Let them go off and venture their life with your teachings instilled in them.They will of course make mistakes;but that is life...didn't we make mistakes in our life time.
We as parentswill always be there to pick up them if they fail because that is in our nature as parents. Family time is importantin the" growing up process ". Children learn fromtheir surroundings.Money is the key to most answers. We asparents also work ourbutt off to buy our children the best of everything they want and need becausemaybe we had lacked from it whenwe were younger. Please remember don't get too caught up inwork that you forgetyour family time with your family. Money is the key to most answers but it can not turn back precious time you loose out on your family. Just as long as i know where my children is at, who they are with...i back up my children in what ever they do. I know i have that bond with them that they trust me and i trust them to do the right thing.

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