Paternity Dad for the Love of My Children

by admin

Paternity Dad for the Love of My Children

Well it all began after “A,” the thirty-seven-year-old expectant birth mother, told me she didn’t love me. Her old boyfriend had shown up at her door two months after we became pregnant. She severed all communications with me and refused to share with me or even talk to me about the pregnancy.

Finally in a one-sided telephone conversation, she told me she would put her name on the birth certificate and would not tell me about the birth and that I would not share in the baby’s life because I would only confuse the baby. I was distraught not only over the loss of love but the threat of being shut out of my baby’s life completely. Being an unwed biological father, I have little rights until I act on the few rights I have, so I filed a paternity suit. At this early stage in the pregnancy I didn’t have any information about the baby.

She cut off all communication after being served with the paternity suit papers. My only news of the pregnancy came from her general answer to the paternity suit and from friends and strangers who knew “A.” I didn’t find out we were expecting twin girls until two months after “A” had an amniocentesis and I found out the twin news from a complete stranger whom I overheard talking about “A” at a social gathering. My motivation now is to be the best father to these babies.