The Perfect Pregnancy Diet Plan – Get It Here

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The Perfect Pregnancy Diet Plan – Get It Here

It wasn’t too long ago that it was a common misconception that if you were pregnant you should be eating for two. It was also pretty common that pregnant women tended to eat whatever they felt like regardless of its nutritional value, hence most women struggled to lose their mummy belly after giving birth.

Thankfully, times and science move pretty quickly and we now know that you really don’t have to eat that much more than normal to support a healthy pregnancy. We also know that rather than being able to eat whatever you want during pregnancy, you should be MORE focused on eating good, clean, healthy food than before you fell pregnant.

Isn’t it funny though how that voice in the back of your head still keeps saying to you, “Oh go on, you’re pregnant, one little chocolate brownie won’t hurt!”

You know what—you’re absolutely right! One little brownie won’t hurt but if that one little brownie keeps shouting at you most days (and don’t kid yourself that it won’t!), then you’ll soon be putting on a lot more weight than you bargained for!

So one of the first things I do with my pregnant clients is get them on the right nutrition to guarantee that they’ll stay trim, shapely, and sexy throughout their pregnancy and ensure that they are giving their baby everything he/she needs to grow healthy and strong.

The rules I use are simple:

1) Eat ONLY from clean, wholesome, nutritionally supportive food that is as close to it’s natural state as possible (i.e. not tampered with by manufacturing or processing).

2) BAN all food that is toxic, harmful or that has been denatured by manufacturing or processing.

This should leave you with foods that are nutritionally complete and that are jam-packed full of nutrients.

To make it easy for you here’s a sample meal planner you can use to plan your own pregnancy diet. This is a shortened version of what I use with my personal clients.

Breakfast: Live natural yoghurt with berries and wheat free muesli

Snack: Five almonds and one apple

Lunch: Cold chicken salad with new potatoes

Snack: Wheat free toast with nut butter

Dinner: Cod steak with asparagus in lemon and butter and sweet potato mash

Try it yourself for a week and you’ll be amazed at how much more alive and vibrant you feel!