Perils of Pregnancy

by admin

Perils of Pregnancy

In May of 2009, I suddenly started feeling sick. I could not stand the smell of anything cooking especially meats. I also was nauseated most of the day.

My husband and I decided to buy a home pregnancy kit and: Voila, I was pregnant!

Now what to do! I was not exactly thrilled because I had wanted some time before I tried again.

When I went to see my doctor, the midwife told us my uterus looked bigger than usual … I may be more than two months pregnant or I could be carrying twins! Twins? What?

Then the sickness really picked up. I could not swallow anything. I was throwing up most of my food and I felt exhausted to my bones. Still, I had a job and I continued going to work.

When I went for my ultrasound, they found out for sure that I had twins.

Now I began thinking in terms of two. Because I was thirty-five years old and carrying twins, I was required to go for more ultrasounds to make sure the babies were healthy.

Anyway, God brought me through. Today I am a happy mother of a three-year-old boy and my lovely twins who are growing by leaps and bounds and are the most handsome boys I ever saw. That is not because I am their mother.

God bless anybody out there carrying multiples. It is a big blessing.