Pet Training Number One

by admin

Pet Training Number One

We were staying with friends the other day. There were dozens of signs about a lost cat. We spotted the cat and tracked down the poster and called. We said we had seen the cat, and if we saw her again, we’d call her. They said “thank you” asked where we had seen her, but said no to bother, she didn’t answer to her name.

Now maybe it’s me, but isn’t that the first thing you train a pet to do, when possible? I now have a cat (whom I adore) from the pound, who answers to her name, and it’s not even her original name. Cats are even famous for being super independent, but I’ve never had a cat who didn’t answer to its name. It’s not that tough, before you are about to feed it, you call it by name. You do this for a while; then you check that it works by calling its name without the food. You always call your pet by name before feeding it.

There are some pets a tad brighter then others, I know, but I’m starting to think there are some owners a tad brighter than others, too. It seems odd to me that people would print up dozens of color leaflets with a cat’s name, when they haven’t even attempted to train it to respond to it.

I’m not even going to touch the comparison to kids, because you can forget that the teenager will come when called.

Even in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly called it “Cat” or “no-name slob.” Pet 101, try to get the love to come when called. I’ve heard it’s a lot easier with dogs. It takes a bit of work, but it might save on guilt in the end.