A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Bucks

by admin

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Bucks

I moved from Maryland back to Pennsylvania when I left my husband in 2006. (That’s a whole other story.) Anyway, I was taking my two grandkids to my house for a sleepover. Adam, who was five at the time, was all gung-ho. His younger sister, Kayley, two, also was excited. We left their house and started driving to my house. I lived about an hour away.

About fifteen minutes into the drive, Kayley started crying. I’m trying to ask her what’s wrong and drive at the same time. She informed that she wanted her mommy. I tried to comfort her by telling her she would see mommy the next day. Adam tried telling her that she would have fun at my house. No matter what we said, her crying got louder and more hysterical. You know, “I WANT MY MOMMY” in between sobs. I thought to myself, I can’t drive another forty-five minutes with her screaming “I WANT MY MOMMY” every few seconds. I’ll wreck!

Then, inspiration. I pulled a wallet sized picture of my daughter, her mommy, out of my purse. I let her hold it and told her she could keep it. That did the trick. After that she was fine and I never had any more problems. That picture was definitely worth a thousand bucks.