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I am worried that we are unknowingly allowing ourselves and our unborn children to be abused. I have done some research on the use of Pitocin to start labor or to help labor go faster. I’m not saying there isn’t reason to use it in some cases but in some hospitals it is being used in every case of hospital labor. Our bodies have been going into labor for thousands of years without medical intervention and so why now do so many women today have to have this forcing of their labors?

I know that a lot of women have Pitocin labors and they think nothing of it. Everything goes fine and most have drugs to ease the pain and so they don’t know what the drug is really doing to themselves or their babies. What a lot of women are not aware of, are the dangers of this drug and what complications come along with it. A lot of us trust our doctors to tell us these things. Unfortunately that is not always the case. My point here is this: The use of Pitocin is being used way to often in cases that it is not medically necessary. To me that seems like an injustice to women and an abuse to their bodies and their babies that would naturally have no complications without it. Maybe their labors would be slower but everybody is different and to force the labor to suit the time table of others is unhealthy, dangerous, and abusive.

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