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A Poem to My Child

From the first flutter of life in my womb,
How could I know all the flutters of joy that would
Fill my heart?
From the moment you entered the world
And lay on my breast,
How could I know all the times I would
Pull you close to my heart?
From the first coo, the first word you uttered,
How could I know all the words that would pass between us?
From the first innocent joke you told,
The first time you were tickled,
How could I know all the laughter we would share?
From the first tear you shed over a cut, broken doll,
Lost friend, lost love,
How could I know all the times we would cry together?
From the first time I saw your beautiful face,
From the first time I heard your voice,
From the first hug, the first tears, the first laughter,
I knew all this
Because you are my child.

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