Positive Pregnancy Test … Times Four!

by admin

Positive Pregnancy Test … Times Four!

So on Friday, I felt a bit worse for wares. My period hadn’t come and I was now a day late. Feeling a bit off in the morning I announced, “Well, this is going to be an interesting day”… little did I know how interesting! My husband asked what I said from the bathroom and I said nothing, no biggie. You see I had a suspicion but I didn’t want to worry him. I mean we had only been trying for a month and I couldn’t be. Could I? The days followed the same course, odd. I got in the car on the way home and told him if I hadn’t gotten my period by morning, I was testing. I had tested twice already and they were both negative, so there was no way, at least that is what I kept telling myself. 

Come 1:00 a.m. I was wide awake, sore breasts, back aching and cramps. I figured I should try to use the bathroom and while I was there not waste the opportunity! Within seconds it showed a double line … no, really? Shaking I went to wake my husband to come confirm what I was seeing. I think I might have been sleepy and just seeing double…but he confirmed, and then asked what he was confirming! I showed him the instructions and he went silent. And then he smiled and said “positive!” That was at 1:22 a.m …we didn’t sleep a wink that night. I still feel I need to know is a bit of a confirmation…I mean I took four tests and they are all positive as positive can be, but I still don’t really believe it. How can that be? And my reaction is definitely not what I had imagined it would be. I am excited and scared and holy mackerel, I am pregnant! 

It is slowly sinking in today, made an appointment at the doctors for next week, first they can get me in. And ready to tell everyone. Is it too early and is this really true? I can’t get over the weird denial I am in, is this normal? Can anyone give me some advice on this one here?