Potty Training at Its Best

by admin

Potty Training at Its Best

Ok, I will be the first to say that I suck majorly when it comes to potty training. You would think that by now, with potty training enrollee number six, I should have it down to a science, but unfortunately, I just don’t. Its one of those things that you are excited to finish but cringe going through. I love the results, a fully functioning pottyer, but the journey getting there is just as bad as child birth.

All of my girls were pretty easy to train. They pretty much just started going to the potty. My oldest son decided one day that he would be a big boy, and he just went. My middle son took me through much drama to get him where he is today. Drew, the lone non-practicing potty-er, is the one. Years from now I will have stories that will be fresh on my brain.  He is three-and-a-half and until a couple of days maybe even hours ago, he had no interest in pottying. He cared nothing about being a big boy or wearing pull-ups, or diapers. There was no forcing or shaming him into pottying until NOW. I am so proud to present an original idea of the mommy of many.

I present to you, THE POTTY BOOK! Quite simply I purchased a cheap little journal, small enough to carry everywhere I go. I am keeping it in my purse at all times. On the pages of this potty book you will find a potty entry. A potty entry consist of the name of the now practicing potty-er, date, and time of each potty experience. For every favorable potty experience, Drew gets a shiny star sticker. Every favorable potty entry is accompanied by a huge proud grin from Drew. And just today when we were in the store he mentioned to the clerk that he goes to the potty.

She said, “Do you? That’s great!”

He replied with, “Yep, look at my potty book.” He turned to me and I proudly whipped the potty book from my purse and showed the clerk all of his favorable potty entries. Why didn’t someone tell me that spending $2 and a little creativity would bring forth a proud fully practicing potty-er? Now I wonder if getting through dating will be this simple …