Pregnacy 2.0

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Pregnacy 2.0

My sister and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for four years. Test after test indicated that she was normal and so was he. They’ve endured a year and a half of more and more invasive procedures only to find out that she has stage 3–4 endometriosis. Their only hope for getting pregnant now is invitro fertilization. It has left me wondering if there is a problem with me. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now with no luck.

Tick Tock
Most women at least know someone who has suffered infertility, whether it has been a man or a woman. Getting pregnant now seems to be a huge mission. Prenatal checkups, ovulation predictors, and prenatal vitamins weren’t necessary ten years ago. I’m wondering what the cause for this infertility. Are we waiting too long to get pregnant? Is it environmental? What can we do about it?

Lifestyle vs. Biology
Now here’s a confounding question. Should we get pregnant when our bodies are capable or our minds, hearts, and bankbooks are? This is becoming more and more of an issue to women everywhere. I did not get married until my early thirties and I have never been on birth control for any of that time. As women age, their ability to naturally have a healthy baby declines. My ability to conceive at thirty-four, even if everything is perfect, is 17 percent. The problem is I was not ready to have a child before. Now that I’ve finally found someone I want to have kids with it seems that we won’t be able to. Of my five close friends, only two of them have children and one of them had to go through extensive fertility treatments to have her baby girl. Is that going to be the norm now?

Other Issues
Even if it was just the age issue, my sister got married when she was twenty-six and went off birth control after a year. If it was just age then twenty-seven seems like a great time to get pregnant. She didn’t and what’s more, it took four years for her to get diagnosed. Is it our eating habits then? The increased rate of cancer, even the effects of nuclear energy? I really don’t know. All I do know is that infertility is on the rise and there is little we can do about it. 

Am I alone in all this? What do you know and have heard to make things easier? Any feedback would be appreciated.