Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

by admin

Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

Have you forgotten any important information lately? Telephone numbers? Names? Appointments? Places you’ve put things?

If so, you’re probably experiencing PREGNANCY BRAIN!

For those of you who, in the past, might have laughed at your girlfriend who suggested it was a REAL excuse – let me tell you, pregnancy brain is a REAL phenomenon and it affects over 50% of women.

There is research out there that suggests that a woman’s brain does SHRINK during pregnancy! The question is – does it grow back? (Keep reading for my opinion on that one!).

Research or not – I know I had PREGNANCY BRAIN! I could hardly remember where I parked my car never mind where I actually put the keys for it (and normally I’m very responsible with things like that!).

I also found that not only was I forgetful, I was also clumsy and sloppy (every time I drank water I had a hard time finding my mouth!)

So, worry no more, cut yourself some slack, and chalk your “forgetfulness” up as yet another pregnancy symptom!

In fact, with all the changes you’ve got going on in your body, not to mention all of the important decisions you’ve got to make (pregnancy tests, cloth diapers vs. disposables, epidural or not, color of your baby’s room etc.), it’s no wonder you’re not 100% mindful!

And what happens to your “shrunken” brain after delivery? Based on my personal experience, I am sorry to say it, BUT the forgetfulness doesn’t completely go away the moment you deliver (nuh-uh!). Take it from me – my daughter is 19 months and I still often find myself going to the grocery store for diapers, coming home and THEN realizing I have bought everything else BUT what I went in for!

On a more serious note – I really believe that your degree of Pregnancy Brain (or not!) is reflective of the level of stress, overwhelm, and/or “busyness” in your life. So, here are some TIPS to help you take charge of your life:

8 Ways to Reduce the Pregnancy Brain Drain…

1. Keep a small notebook – jot down reminders, names, appointments;
2. Write a daily “to-do” list – this will help you remember what you need to get done (like buying diapers!);
3. Relax – plan time every day to do things like read a book or take a bath (lukewarm, of course!);
4. X-or-size (if you can) – move your body and breathe in the fresh air, O2 does wonders for your body and your mind. Check out my pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise program www.pregnancywithoutpounds.com/thegoods.htm ;
5. Take a break – “time outs” work wonders for gathering your thoughts;
6. De-stress – unload that negative energy with a treat, like a massage or a mindless movie;
7. Grab a few winks – rejuvenate with a little sleep; and last, but not least…
8. Put your car keys in the same place each day (sound like a familiar frustration?)!

Pregnancy brain is real. It’s also a great excuse – so have FUN using it for the next 40+ weeks!