Pregnancy During Deployment

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Pregnancy During Deployment

My husband Haydn and I are a military family, and very proud of it. It comes with many ups and downs, and unfortunately, right now is one of those military downs.

We are newlyweds, June twenty-sixth of this year, we became man and wife. The happiest moment of our lives. Shortly after we decided to expand our family, already having a four year old, we felt we were ready.

At the time I was still on my birth control, and he was getting ready for a three week training session in the woods, we would have no contact, we took this as a good time to prepare ourselves. I stopped taking my birth control four days before he left, but we had both heard so many things about getting pregnant.

We were told by one source, you can’t get pregnant for almost three months after you stop birth control. We were told by another source, that the first three weeks after you finish taking birth control are your most fertile, whatever the case, we didn’t care, we just wanted a baby, and the sooner the better.

My husband left and I spent three long weeks alone at the house, my daughter and I just hanging out.

Finally my husband gets home at midnight, dirty and smelling like the worlds biggest dumpster, but I didn’t care, I was so happy to see him, I ran and gave him a hug, but as soon as the smell hit my nose, I ran to the bathroom, for some odd reason the stench he was wearing made me queasy.

I thought it was weird, but paid no mind, I was just so excited to see him.

A few days went by, no more sickness, all was well and we were continuously trying to conceive. After he was home maybe three days I realized that I was late on my menstrual, I was so excited, but worried at the same time.

He had only been home three days, there was no way I was pregnant. Just out of curiosity, while he was at work, I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test, I got the cheapest I could find, I figured if I was pregnant, even the cheap one would confirm it.

Less than twenty minutes later I was sitting on the edge of my bed bewildered, I was pregnant. 

After seeing the doctor, we found out that we conceived on August 11th, 2007, the night before he went to the training exercise.

We got it on our first try, lucky, lucky us.

Now, the bad part, my husband, being the soldier he is, had to leave, November 26th, 2007, and he will be gone for fifteen months. This joyous occasion that we are supposed to be sharing, will now have to be shared via, phone, and internet. 

On the one hand, he is lucky that he doesn’t have to suffer through the mood swings and me gaining weight, but on the other hand, he has to miss the entire ordeal that is bringing our family closer, and I have to miss the comfort and support only he can bring. I am only sixteen weeks into my pregnancy, so this will be a long lonely trip. Being pregnant during a deployment seems to me, to be the worst thing I have yet had to endure. I am just lucky that I have my daughter, now five years old to keep me company, and be my comfort until Haydn comes home.