Pregnancy Pact

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Pregnancy Pact

You probably read about the teen “pregnancy pact” in Gloucester, MA. At least seventeen high school girls expecting babies, including many aged sixteen or younger.

What would lead these girls to make life-altering decisions like this? This story made me even more passionate about the message of Princess Bubble because I believe these girls were searching so hard for something to complete them. Now, they will just be completely exhausted and overwhelmed for many, many years to come.

We at Princess Bubble believe “True Happily Ever After comes from loving God, helping others, and liking who you are already.” Princess Bubble was written to reduce the overwhelming sense of failure, self-doubt, and despair that many youth face.

“We are definitely not anti-Prince,” said Webb. “We just believe that young girls today are bombarded with so much inaccurate advice on how to build their self-esteem—messages that focus on the outside rather than what’s within. We want to change that message.”

Was this a result of these girls following Jamie Lynn Spears or the movie Juno? If media has this major of an impact on our children, isn’t it time for a new message for these kids? Reminding our youth not only that they are special and valuable; but teaching our children self respect, responsibility, and that you can not expect someone else to fulfill all your needs. Happiness begins from within.

One teen mother interviewed on the Today Show, when asked what advice she would give to other teen girls, mentioned that having a baby would not allow you to go out every night. Go out? That is the least of these girls concerns! What about providing for the child? The mother finishing her education? The responsibility for the rest of your life …The teen mother interviewed obviously has not faced her own reality yet.

Speaking of reality, the new show Baby Borrower could not come at a more perfect time for teens or the shows ratings. I have not seen this show but if I understand correctly a teen couple borrows a baby and experiences parenthood first hand. But, this is a couple, and will the MA teens have any help from the fathers of their babies? The girl that conceived with a homeless man probably will not receive much assistance from him and I pray that a baby is the only medical condition he gave this girl!

I know so many couples waiting to adopt a baby. I can only hope some of these teens will be willing to make the best of their mistakes and fulfill the dreams of adult parents that long deeply to adopt.