Pregnant Again!

by admin

Pregnant Again!

I’m Joanie. I am thirty-one years old and mother of one son, Connor Aidan. My husband and I found out I was pregnant again on September 1, 2008. This is my sixth pregnancy, so if you do some math, obviously I’ve had some bad luck. But finally on May 22, 2004, I delivered my first child. I was so happy.

Things have been hard for me. A lot of personal issues and battles. But over all I’m a pretty okay mom. We had kind of decided not to have any more babies because of some of my health issues … but with economics they way they are here in Michigan, we couldn’t afford the pill and I’m allergic to latex. So here I am! Taking a test because too much peanut butter on my sandwich almost made me barf. And whamo … as soon as my pee hit the test, there was a line. So roughly, I was three to four weeks pregnant. I had morning sickness last time, sore breasts, and body changes quickly (since my uterus has been through this a few times). But I was so nauseated and sore in my abdomen. Did I mention paranoid as all get out? Am I going to start bleeding, what was that sharp pain, why can’t I sleep (stress maybe)?! All these questions.

Finally I get into the doctor at about seven weeks pregnant. Longest few weeks of my life, by the way. So he sends me to get an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy looked okay at this time because of my history. Guess what … there are two babies. Not one, but two. Holy hit the panic button! We had gotten rid of a lot of Connor’s things as is and now we’ll need two of everything. So needless to say, I’m having a bit of a rough time adjusting. But now at week eleven and five days, I’m at least settling in to the idea that I’m having two babies and I love them already. Still freaking out, though. Hopefully sooner than later, I’ll calm down a bit, for everyone’s sakes. So if you’ve ever gotten a big surprise before, I’m with you—holy crap am I there. Hope I’ve made you smile, even if only for a second.