Pregnant and Hopeful

by admin

Pregnant and Hopeful

I am twenty-three old and I’m pregnant for the third time. I have a four-year-old daughter that is the love of my life. I got pregnant the summer of ‘07 and on my first prenatal visit the doctor discovered no heartbeat, did a sonogram, and saw a empty sac, no baby. I didn’t really now what to think about that, I went thru with the D and C as my doctor suggested, came home and had to deal with the fact that I was no longer going to have a baby.

My fiancé was so excited when I told him we were pregnant for the second time. He told me sitting beside me in the recovery room that I went thru this process physically, but he had to go thru it emotionally. That broke my heart. We tried to get pregnant in the following months with no luck, discovering in that time that I did not ovulate regularly. I then proceed to get a shot to make me ovulate within twenty-hour hours. Long and behold I am now ten weeks pregnant.

Neither one of us really want to get to hopeful yet. I am enjoying the pregnancy so far but there is always that memory in the back of my mind. I had a sonogram and saw my baby’s heartbeat and saw it move around. That picture made me feel much better although my fiancé did not want to come with me because he was so hurt on the last appointment when there was no baby. Has anyone else been thru this? I do want to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest, it could be my last, who knows. My fiancé is so supportive and loving to both me and his two daughters (one from a previous relationship that lives with us). I want us both to be happy and enjoy this little life coming into ours. Any advice?