The Pregnant Man: Truly Having It All

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The Pregnant Man: Truly Having It All

At the age of forty-one with several fertility problems, we considered my pregnancy miraculous, but that paled this week when I saw a pregnant man on Oprah and in this week’s People, his five-month pregnant belly protruding above his jeans. And, yes, he’s glowing.

Thomas Beatie is legally male, his marriage to Nancy conferred with the same privileges of any traditional marriage. He’s quoted as saying most of his wife’s family don’t even know he’s a transgender though that certainly can no longer be true.

Anticipating wanting a child of his own, he’d opted to retain his female reproductive organs though he had his breasts removed and took testosterone to changes sexes. Since his wife is unable to conceive because of having had a hysterectomy, they decided to use donor sperm and hope he’d conceive.

Over and above the oddity of being a pregnant male, can he get maternity benefits?