Pregnant, Not Pregnant, and Finally Pregnant!

by admin

Pregnant, Not Pregnant, and Finally Pregnant!

Well the title fits this situation to the T. Back in October, my stepmom gave birth to my dad’s twelfth kid, a little girl named Alicia. Well, the family was happy and everything was great; we were happy for another addition to our family for the holidays. Well, right before Thanksgiving, my brother told my family that he and his girlfriend where having a baby. That surprised us. I didn’t think I could be pregnant because I was diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome and I had researched that it would take fertility treatments and years to get pregnant but I went to Planned Parenthood and they did a routine pregnancy test and guess what, a big fat POSITIVE! I was ecstatic and completely shocked. They gave me a list of OB/GYN’s and a prescription for my prenatal vitamins and I was so happy.

I went home with the news which was a double shock for my dad who had just became a father for the twelfth time and now he was going to be a grandpa twice in the same year. Well three days later I was rushed to the E.R. because I was bleeding, cramping, and I could barely move. They did a pregnancy test and a blood test and both were NEGATIVE … what the hell? I was confused and scared and I thought that I had lost my pregnancy, but the doctor didn’t diagnose it as a miscarriage, so I went home crying after I had just made pink and blue cupcakes the night before.

Well, my doctor’s appointment wasn’t until December 28th, so I waited those next three weeks to find out. I went there and relief … I was pregnant for fourteen weeks. My next appointment would be on January 26th to find out weather it was a boy or a girl. Well I missed my appointment but on February 1st I found out that I am having a little girl and my brother’s girlfriend is having a boy. So even after three urine tests and one blood test telling me I wasn’t pregnant, I am—and now my daughter will be here in seventeen weeks!