Pregnant Women Advised to Avoid Sharks

by admin

Go figure. Swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and, yes, shark, all contain high levels of mercury. Exposure to high levels of mercury during pregnancy can threaten the health of both mother and baby. A better choice is salmon, a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients that support a healthy pregnancy. 

Okay, so, eat salmon. And don’t mess with sharks while pregnant. Got it. But, what other foods are best? Which foods are on the no-no list? What about those cravings? Supplements? Weight gain? Calories? Alcohol? So many questions, so few trimesters. Don’t worry! Howdini has you covered with expert advice from Dr. Keith Eddleman, author of Pregnancy for Dummies and the Director of Obstetrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. He discusses some vital eating guidelines for expectant mothers in our video, “How to eat well during pregnancy.” 

How to eat well during pregnancy.

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