Preschool Love

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Preschool Love

As I experience parenting more and more, I continue to be amazed by the things daughter teaches me.

Recently, a boy in Allie’s class tried to woo her with a pumpkin seed. It was quasi romantic as far as preschool chivalry goes. She’s been treasuring it since. All the while, her Dad claims she is going to be a floozy. But that is a whole other blog post.


After school, she usually goes to her dad’s office for an hour or two until I am out of class. When I picked her up on this particular day, she was too busy freaking out about her crooked pigtails to remember the seed. So she forgot the treasure on his desk as we left.

As a result of her lost love token, she was up in arms for a few hours until her dad hesitantly brought it home. At three, he is not thrilled with the idea of boys giving her gifts. I’m not sure that he will ever be, even if the gift would, if planted, grow into a pretty pumpkin.

When the asymmetrically oval seed was finally back in the palm of her hand, she told me all about it.

“Larry* gave me this pumpkin seed today. I lost mine. So he gave me his.” She was beaming.

“Well, that was really nice of Larry. Did you say thank you?”

“Yes, and then I made a hook with my finger and chased him around telling him I was Captain Hook.”


Unfortunately, Larry, like most boys, is hot and cold with the admonishment of his feelings. The following day, after he gifted a pumpkin seed to Allie, he told her he could no longer be her friend.

“And then,” she said angrily in her squeaky three-year-old voice, “he said he couldn’t be my friend, because I’m a girl!”

“I tried to tell her that boys are different when they are little,” her Dad cut in. “They don’t always like girls when they are that age. They like to chase other boys and play games with them. But eventually, they do like the girls.”

“Well,” Allie thought for a second, “boys are just weird!”

Amen, sister. Amen. If only I had known that at three, I might’ve saved myself many a night of wondering why guys acted so strange.

What have you learned from your kids lately?

*Larry isn’t the kid’s read name.