The Preschool Whisperer: Emotion Coach Your Young Child

by admin

The Preschool Whisperer: Emotion Coach Your Young Child

Despite good intentions, today’s parents still rely on what is familiar and comfortable, which means they engage in some of the outdated parenting techniques used by their parents or in some cases in opposition to their parents.

As an emotion coach, you come from a place of empathy. Your first thought is always, “What is my child feeling?” before jumping in and discounting or minimizing whatever just happened or was said. When your child is in distress, the first step is to just go over, check in and assess.

If parents teach their young children how to process uncomfortable feelings such as hurt, shame, guilt or anger, they’ll learn to process them appropriately and carry that skill with them into their adult relationships and into the work place.

We all have room for improvement as parents. I encourage you to watch my Go-To Mom show and try to become a more of an emotion coach. Remember to give yourself a break because parenting isn’t easy. If you have difficulty addressing your own emotions, make it a priority to change that – I’m living proof that one can change their negative experience with their emotions. I have faith you too can grow and learn with your child the way I do with mine.

I am a passionate believer in emotion coaching, because it ensures a successful outcome: cooperative, self-reliant and responsible children. And isn’t that every parent’s goal?

Originally published on The Go-To Mom