Prevent Breast Cancer at Home

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Prevent Breast Cancer at Home

To prevent breast cancer at home, look under your kitchen sink.

Recent studies on how to prevent breast cancer have proven a link between toxic household cleaners, bedding, aromatic candles, and diseases such as asthma, liver and breast cancer.

Researchers found over 85,000 new chemicals have been introduced to the public since the end of World War II, with little or no EPA approval.

Aerosol sprays are the worst as they contain airborne carcinogens known to cause breast cancer.

If you can smell the vanilla, you are exposed to carcinogens.

Follow the steps below to improve your indoor air quality and prevent breast cancer from developing in your home.

Step 1:
Remove all toxic cleaners in your home. 

When purchasing new cleaners, don’t buy them because the supplier advertises that they are green.

Look at the label, if they contain anything other than natural enzymes and water, they are probably contaminated. 

Step 2:
Remove any bedding in your home that states “Wrinkle Free.” The chemicals used to reduce wrinkles are toxic. And you are sleeping on them. 

Step 3:
Stop using aromatic candles. The chemicals used in aromatic sprays, candles, and deodorizers are toxic and can cause liver cancer. 

Step 4:
Immediately stop using bleach. The number one chemical proven to cause breast cancer.

Use these simple tips to prevent breast cancer at home, and you and your family will breathe a little easier.