Prince Charles, Do You Know Where Your Son Is?

by admin

Prince Charles, Do You Know Where Your Son Is?

Blogger Matt Drudge outed Britain’s Prince Harry, who for ten weeks has been secretly serving on the front lines in Afghanistan. The publicity resulted in Britain’s defense chief pulling out the twenty-three-year-old prince, deeming it too risky for him as well as his for his comrades.

The ministry asked the media to allow Harry to return home without speculating on his location. My blog, Bicoastalbroads.com, will respect this request and maintain the news blackout.

This event, however, raises questions about blogging ethics. Has Matt Drudge now assumed the role of en loco parentis? If so, can we all rely on him to alert us if our children are not where they said they were going? How about if they’ve purchased false I.D.? And what are my responsibilities as a fellow blogger? If I should become privy to information about a friend’s child or husband, am I obliged or entitled to go public with the story?