Private Party

by admin

Private Party

When my husband suggested he take the kids to his parents’ house for a sleepover, I was opposed. I kept that position the entire week until a nasty head cold appeared out of nowhere (usually I’m the last to catch it), so Friday morning I found myself making the suggestion myself. As they pulled out of the driveway, I felt myself take a deep breath and walk back inside the house. Luckily, I had the wherewithal to grab my keys and purse while pulling a U-turn out of my home and into the car. 

The weight of caring for my family was lifted as I pulled out of the driveway with my weary self. As I reflected on the wonderful intensity of my life as a stay-at-home mom, I realized this twenty-four-hour solitude was a gift for healing with no obligations other than to “feel better soon.” So I found myself pondering, what do I need?

  • Favorite foods from Trader Joe’s.
  • Two DVD rentals.
  • Back at home: wash sheets and towels, run the vacuum, put away the last couple of laundry items, make bed.
  • Take a long shower (using the soap that smells delightful).
  • Prepare feet for pedicure.
  • Make bed.
  • Heat up light, nutritious (or sinful, delicious) dinner with beverage of choice.
  • Have movie on by 8 p.m. (Yes, no one needs you, there is nothing that needs to be done … just lie on the couch.)
  • Go to bed (aaahh, fresh sheets) with good book, flashlight, journal, and Ipod/headphones.
  • Wake up whenever the sun wakes you. (I was shocked sleeping until 9 a.m.!)
  • Wander outside with your pajamas on to let Mother Nature nurture (watered the lawn/flowers/garden, some light pruning).
  • Open up windows and pick-up paper; sit down with only your favorite section (I read my horoscope then completed the word find).
  • Shower, dress (summer skirt and sleeveless sweater), and wander out to make an iced mocha and homemade muffin.
  • Call best friend in Oklahoma (who is also taking fifteen minutes for a private party) to reflect on the importance of self-care, reflection, and renewal.
  • Played guitar and sang my heart out until my fingers were sore.
  • Yoga DVD—Namaste.
  • Pizza bagel for lunch with iced peach tea.
  • Finished chapter seven of New Earth and watched Oprah’s online class while painting my toes.
  • Felt the need to get out of the house—went browsing at local spiritual bookstore then picked up dinner.
  • Finished the paper while eating dinner and looking forward to family coming home soon.

So, it can happen—twenty-four hours of healing on a budget for mom while hubby and kids enjoy sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s … everyone’s happy. I felt compelled to record this historic event in my life (for I hope to repeat it when I need to “feel better”). And just think, if it can happen for me—it could happen for you!