The Prom Date

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The Prom Date

The Prom Date
By: Marcia Swain

As a mom I wanted to see my children enjoy high school, prom, graduation just like I did. I looked forward to seeing my son off in a tuxedo with flowers in hand for that lucky lady. I already had the picture of his older sister with her date hanging on our family trophy photo wall.

When I asked my son who he was taking to the prom he said he wasn’t going! I couldn’t believe it; to me it was missing out on a stage of life. It was his senior year… as a Mom I wanted everything perfect for my children. My son told me that his friends were all “kissing dating goodbye” unless they felt it was the girl they were going to marry. Wow, what a shock.

I was talking with some friends at work about my disappointment and one of the girls had connections with a dance studio. We started laughing that we could get him a date with a mannequin. The day before the prom off we went in her car to pick up the mannequin. It came in two pieces so we were able to get her into my friend’s compact car in two pieces. We had the legs sticking up in the back seat. The ride to my house was so much fun, laughing at each passing car wondering who would sit that way in the back seat.

It was great when I got the blond home; she fit perfectly into my daughter’s prom dress. Our home had a front door with frosted glass; you could see someone but not tell who they were. On the special day we positioned the mannequin in front of the door. It was hard not too laugh without some commotion causing our son to hear us. We rang the bell and took off around the house.

Our son, Charlie was enjoying a ball game on the Television when the doorbell rang. I was watching through a side window at his expression. It was a great moment! Of course the first words out of his mouth were “MOM”!

We brought the prom date in and set her by the staircase. There may not have been a tux and flowers but it was a moment not to be forgotten. She stayed for the weekend so Charlie’s friends could see his new date. That evening Charlie called her “spooky”. I think the “prom” was the most fun for me.

Charlie started dating his math tutor in college, married her and now has three beautiful children. This happy grandma is so thrilled with my daughter in law. I’m so happy that he temporarily kissed dating goodbye and picked the right girl for the love of his life.