This ‘Promposal’ Video May Be The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day

by Faith Brar

This ‘Promposal’ Video May Be The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day

Prepare to feel all the feels.


With prom season in full swing, the heat is on for high schoolers hoping they’ll be accompanied by their dream date. But like all things in high school, that isn’t easy. You have to plan, scheme and come up with an epic “promposal” to make sure your love interest says yes. Every year we see cute, romantic and downright hilarious ways teens conjure up ways to ask each other to the big dance—but we must say that the class of 2017 definitely raised the bar when this video started going viral on Twitter. 


The videos shows a promposal being delivered by a high school student, Jerry Cruz, for his girlfriend, Destiny Medina, in Riverside, California. Medina is shown gushing wearing a glittery crown as she walks down a red carpet to the strains of John Legend’s All of Me. Ugh. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.


Five students stand in her way, handing her a white rose after she reads the place cards they hold in their hands—which all have adorable sayings on them, by the way. The heart-struck teen eventually makes it to the end of the red carpet to see Cruz appear from behind a paper door with a question mark in hand, asking her to prom. She didn’t even need to say yes because her reaction said it all, as she fell into her boyfriend’s arms halfway in tears.


Clearly being subtle is not this guy’s strong suit. We can only imagine what he’ll do when he actually proposes to his dream girl.