Prop 8: Same Sex Marriage (Part 1)

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Prop 8: Same Sex Marriage (Part 1)

Prop 8 and Other People’s Happiness
Okay, I guess you can call this assignment America. Today I saw some people standing on the corner. They had signs and their children. All ages they were from a local church. For awhile I have wondered about this. 

How many of y’all saw the last episode of Boston Legal? It was great; Denny and Allan got married. Why was it great because it showed people at their truth. The Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community sued them to stop them from marrying. I can remember my grandmother and her best friend. She raised me she lived with her best friend in the same house till she died. Nobody ever accused them of being lesbians or in love with each other. Though I’m sure they loved one another deeply. And I’m sure if they ever thought about it for one reason or another if needed would have gotten married. Possibly to save one another’s lives or keep their estates from falling into the hands of the government.

I thought it sounds so true. The suit said, Hey y’all are not gay youre straight you can’t marry, you’re not having sex. I thought how one-sided, and is there ever an end to silliness. In California, a self-proclaimed sued the city to remove a landmark cross that also served as a Veterans’ memorial. So does that mean not only is he against God but also all the Veterans in this country. Silliness. 

Or I saw another great movie with the guy from the Crocodile Dundee. He married his best friend for insurance and taxes only to find out that it was much deeper than that. They had been friends all their lives and yes he loved his best friend. They pretended to be gay at first but when it came right down to it realized he loved his best friend and finally figured love and marriage really has nothing to do with sex or being gay or being man or woman. 

I’m sure there are many straight men out there who love their best friend. He is his best friend, he is married, and he would gladly do for his best friend as he would do for his wife or children. He is not gay. So when you take marriage and put gay or lesbian or anything else beside it. It’s just wrong nowadays, marriage has lost its meaning among the human race. People marry for a green card for money they divorce just as easily. Its meaning is obscured by end fighting and people who want you to believe they are fighting for your rights. They know if they can push this they can push anything and will.

Now as I have said this is not really an argument for or against gay marriage. The unfortunate part here is this is mainly who it is affects. It is an argument that no person no matter who they are has the right to choose another human beings right to happiness. People so often get caught up in the whole gay lifestyle and use it to push their agenda. I personally think that no matter who woman or man, man or man, woman or woman. I don’t want my children and grand children watching them play grab ass in the store or while walking in public. This is better kept behind closed doors. 

However, I do understand that in every society there are their share of people willing to openly exhibit them selves to the rest of the world. For example a woman walking through the airport with low cut jeans and high cut thong good grief woman hide it or dress right or young men more than willing to show the entire world that they wear boxers instead of briefs. Or on the occasional that half baked nut who just says hey I don’t wear clothes at all.

I wish people could understand what I’m writing next. This is not me telling anyone they are stupid. This is the agenda pushers and how they think about what they consider lesser educated people. World leaders thrive on fear. Entire governments are built on fear. Entire countries are shaped by fear. The stronger the better. Here is a good recent example George W. Bush and his administration. The reason we needed to go to war with Iraq was because of the weapons of mass destruction. 

Now I will never forget Operation Desert Storm and all those vehicles burned out on that highway. But then we had to go back again with the massive might of the entire United States Military Machine. In three days our young men and women pushed all the way into Baghdad with very few casualties. We over ran an entire country in three days. 

Our country had just been attacked on its home soil. We all watched in fear as the sky’s emptied of planes and the towers fell. We all cried in pain with the thought of how many Americans we watched die. At the site of that plane flying towards the world trade center and waited to see it pass behind the tower and instead watched in horror as the tower exploded into a fireball. Images that for a lot of us are burned into our soul. The pain the fear and the thought of it happening again allowed us to accept the death of all those people in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war on terror had begun. We watched with joy as one of our armored personnel carriers helped pull down the statue of a man we felt attacked our country. And the disbelief that he was found naked in a hole hiding from our troops. 

This man to all of us was larger than our country and he was hung as the whole world watched. Later no WMDs would be found. But that was okay pay back is hell. 

This man Saddam Hussein ruled his people with fear. Those who weren’t afraid were killed. Those who were smarter were gone from the country. Saddam Hitler Stalin George Bush Sr. and Jr. Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Daniel Malan it makes no difference these people were taught that the easiest people to lead are the poor under educated and demoralized people of any country. 

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