Protein Revelation

by admin

Protein Revelation

The first feeling I experienced when I saw the second blue line appear on my home pregnancy test was joy. The second feeling was an intense fear of being sick to my stomach for the following three months. I am one of the many who when physically ill cease to function almost completely. I don’t want to be more than five steps from the bathroom at any time, never mind out of the house. I cannot work, I cannot think, and my life becomes wholly centered on the state of my stomach. I’ve always wanted children and knew I would love being pregnant, but I was consumed with anxiety about sickness.

Around my fifth week of pregnancy I began to feel a bit queasy, but wasn’t ill. I was worried that my hormones were building up and plotting to do terrible things to my body. I researched obsessively and read as much as I could find about how women combat the sickness associated with first trimester hormones. As expected, I read that many women snacked on crackers and anything containing some form of ginger. I was awfully turned off by the smell and taste of ginger, especially ginger snaps. I kept ritz crackers handy, but they did not help to alleviate the queasiness at all. I broke down my three square meals into smaller more frequent meals, but my stomach was still unsettled regardless of what I ate. My revelation came (as many do) unexpectedly.

In my house, every Saturday is cheesy egg day. Every other morning my husband and I have granola cereal. The Saturday of my sixth week was no different, and we enjoyed our omelets while watching the news. To my absolute delight, I felt fantastic! After I ate the eggs, everything else I ate that day seemed to digest so smoothly. I was apprehensive to say that I’d found the solution, but excited nonetheless. I decided to make an omelet the next morning, and was thrilled almost to tears that it had the same effect as the day prior. I have continued the trend since, and six weeks later have not grown tired of my daily omelet. I broke from the routine one day last week and my body rebelled against me for my decision for several hours. I had cinnamon raisin toast instead of eggs, and I could almost hear my body shouting for the protein it had been deprived of.

I have also found that the more protein I eat, the more my body wants it. I had a well-balanced pre-pregnancy diet, but I have even better eating habits now. I eat a wider variety of lean meats (which gives me LOTS of energy!) and I seem to want more fruits and vegetables. I don’t want to eat carbs as much, and my sweet tooth has all but disappeared. I still experience an occasional bout of indigestion, but a cup of hot tea seems to soothe my aching belly nicely.

It would be silly of me not to acknowledge that every woman and every pregnancy is different, but I can’t help but wonder if there is something more to this protein revelation of mine. I’m no doctor and certainly not a nutritionist, but if you found such great relief from a healthy source, wouldn’t you share it too?