Public Childcare Will Set Us Free

by admin

Public Childcare Will Set Us Free

Childcare should be public, like schools. Men have had the luxury of having childcare so that they could accomplish their work. Consider the time that men have had, hundreds of years, thousands even to develop society and as a result they wrote the social structures of the world. This piece isn’t about men, that is to say, I don’t intend on putting them down—they are unaware of these concepts, just as much as the rest of us are. I write for opportunity, to alleviate poverty and allow women to become more than homemakers. What often isn’t considered is the lovely consequence of having free childcare. Men are examples of what can also be done for women.

Men have had an extensive amount of time to develop their intellect, governments, religions, and social institutions that maintain their positions at the top. Society is built around this invisible deep seated ideology that reinforces the supposed natural function of women as logical child care providers, and as a result men succeed. Women and men are equally capable of being logical and nurturing childcare providers.

Stereotypes, guilt, and lack of opportunity have left women in the confines of the household or in low-paying service sector work. Women often justify why they keep children at home (note that men also justify why women are needed at home), or they justify why they don’t stay at home. What do men justify? Do they have a need to justify? No, there are no social constructions that cause guilt or suspicion if they choose to make their life and the lives of their children financially stable. In fact, social institutions encourage them to do such.

One unlikely solution is that men should take their turn and stay home with the children so that women will succeed in the same ways men have. Give us ladies a century; let us become the scientists, leaders, and historians. A good old fashion role reversal is impossible though. Instead, let’s move to public childcare. Free childcare, like the public school system.

Public childcare is the most important device that will allow women (especially the single parent, poor and minority) to succeed as men have. Looking at history provides clear evidence that having childcare services enabled men to succeed and become the dominant decision makers and creators of government, policy, economy, science, philosophy, religion, history, and so on.

I wish for this.