Public School Versus Homeschool: Socialization Is the Wrong Question to Ask

by Elissa Williams

Public School Versus Homeschool: Socialization Is the Wrong Question to Ask

Socialization: this is such a hot button for me. I have been asked that one question thousands of times over the last sixteen years of homeschooling. There are two sides and honestly, they are both right.


Public School Side
There are thousands of good teachers out there, that do what they can despite ridiculous limitations imposed by the federal government, limited budget, parents that are hard to deal with, kids in very bad home situations, and low pay. They care and continue to do the best they can for the children of America. I know several who have my utmost respect. Then there are parents who don’t have the self-discipline, or the ability to deal with their children. Some kids only chance is a caring public school teacher. In these cases, the socialization these kids get in school is the only good part of their life. Homeschoolers need to quit picking on them. They are making the best of a bad situation.


The Homeschool Side
There are parents who live for homeschooling. They are passionate, involved and want the best for their kids. These kids are ‘think outside the box’ types that lead others in many areas of life. The socialization they get is different but the whole thought of you keep your kids in some bubble somewhere so they don’t know how to function in real life is ridiculous. They live more real life then their peers because of the situation created by the parents.


Over the years, things have gotten easier, but parents still fight battles they shouldn’t have to. I have been stopped by the law about fifteen years ago for having children in my car during school hours. I get asked all kinds of personal questions and have to constantly defend my decision. It makes one rather defensive. All because of this myth of socialization started by scared individuals who can only see their side. Well, I have paid taxes for schools and even bought curriculum for schools without ever participating in the institution. The system should be thankful. People need to remember this quote: “Not right, Not wrong, just different.”