This Seat Cushion With Nearly 8,000 Five-Star Reviews Fixed My Terrible Posture

by Caroline Harris

This Seat Cushion With Nearly 8,000 Five-Star Reviews Fixed My Terrible Posture

Image Credits: Purple

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I have terrible posture. You can catch me hunching over my laptop every Monday through Friday as I work from home. So when Purple—the comfort technology company behind the famous Purple Mattress and Purple Harmony Pillow—asked if I wanted to try its Royal Seat Cushion, I was intrigued. The Royal Purple Cushion features Purple Grid technology to cradle the body’s pressure points and allow people to sit comfortably for longer. Could this plush Purple product improve my posture and alleviate my back pain? I was eager to find out.


The Royal Seat Cushion arrived on my doorstep in just a few days. There was a rubbery scent as I plucked it from the package, but I let the cushion air out in my backyard over the weekend and by Monday, it was good to go. Right off the bat, I enjoyed that the cushion is purple (which happens to be my favorite color) and has the word “royal” in its name. I loved the idea of transforming my hard office chair into a royal throne, and this Purple seat cushion allowed me to do just that.


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The Royal Purple Cushion came with a handy tote bag for transporting the cushion to and from work—or, in these days of working remotely, to and from my home office. I felt like a pampered princess as I perched on my new seat cushion, which felt a little like an exercise ball. The texture was plush, comfortable, and a little bouncy. This unique feel is the result of Purple’s no-pressure technology, which is engineered to ease discomfort from many hours of sitting.


I was amazed by how much the Royal Purple Cushion improved my posture. Seriously, it seems impossible to have bad posture while sitting on this cushion. Automatically, my spine straightened and my shoulders relaxed. To experiment, I tried alternating between a sway back and a hunched back while sitting on the Royal Purple Cushion, but each move felt unnatural. Each time, my posture returned to balanced and upright. I felt like I was re-training my body to have good posture, and best of all, I felt comfortable and supported every step of the way. 


After sitting on the Royal Purple Cushion for several hours (the sit time of the product is up to eight hours), I experienced no back, neck, or shoulder pain whatsoever. This was a welcome relief considering I usually conclude my work day with several stretches to ease my stiff muscles. In addition to maximizing comfort, the Royal Purple Cushion is covered in open airways for maintaining a neutral temperature, so I don’t have to worry about overheating on sunny days. I can tell that the Royal Purple Cushion is durable and great quality, meaning it will last for many years (and sittings) to come.


The Purple’s seat cushion has nearly 8,000 perfect five-star reviews, and all the positive comments came as no surprise to me. Happy shoppers are buzzing about how the cushion “helps with my hip pain” and “makes sitting much more comfortable” with its squishy yet supportive feel. People have described the cushion as a “work-from-home lifesaver” and “maximum comfort for a minimum price.” After trying the Royal Purple Seat Cushion firsthand, I can safely say the product lives up to the hype.


Purple sells seven different kinds of seat cushions, including the Back Seat Cushion, Portable Seat Cushion, and Everywhere Seat Cushion, whichthey’re all on sale right now, so be sure to check those deals out to find a set you love for less. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or just do lots of sitting in general, grab a new seat cushion from Purple for improved comfort, posture, and even productivity.


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