Raising a Gifted Thrill Seeker

by Carol Smith

Raising a Gifted Thrill Seeker

If your child out smarts you time after time again, if you can’t seem to stay a step ahead of him/her, if you find yourself worn to an emotional frazzle that your other kids didn’t put you through. If your child’s pediatrician has advised you that he’d like to “have your child tested when he/she is FIVE.” If the DAY CARE workers don’t know what else to do, if the Kindergarten teacher calls you on the first day of school to, “ try to get a little bit more insight into your child in order to help him/her be more successful in class”.


YOU are the proud (and very tired) parent of a GIFTED THRILL SEEKER !


EVERY single day of their life is spent trying to head them off at the behavioral pass. You didn’t WARN him / her not to climb on top of the REFRIGERATOR at two and a half years old, because it never occured to you that you needed to ! He has flushed small toys down the toilet at least ten times by the age of THREE, “because, I like to watch Daddy take the pipes apart and put them back together.”


EVERY single toy you have spent good money for is disassembled in about an hour!


I have ONE piece of advice for you … especially if this child is a boy and you are a single mom, DO NOT use the word “NO” when this child is attempting to entertain himself. Find SOME way to teach him (or for him to be taught) how to do WHAT EVER he is attempting to do SAFELY! Encourage his efforts.
If he wants to jump off the roof of the house, arrange to have a pile old matteresses delivered … on the ground under the roof … if he wants to rip the car engine out of the car and “FIX” the funny noise, go to the local junk yard and BUY him one to take apart. Give him a REAL hammer and bolts and REAL screw drivers and a REAL piece of wood to work on. Store bought “TOYS” are not HIS toys.


These words will save you a lifetime to pain and heartache, school is NOT a challenge to this child. LIFE and everything else in it is his/her only challenge.


If you are a lazy parent and don’t have the energy to keep him/her active outside school and home, or if your pretty fingernails are more important to you than your child, you might as well save a step or two and turn him/her over to the legal system when you see the last word here. These children find questions in their world that YOU nor I ever thought to ask. They really do have ALL the answers, they just don’t know what the questions are (as told to me by MY Gifted Thrill Seeker at age TWELVE.) Only by the grace of God did he live and become a mostly functional citizen, is twenty-six, a husband and father of three (boys). He owns a construction company, mostly self-taught. These kids learn the hard way, and they learn FAST, the more interesting you can make their interests, the easier your world will be in the long run.


DO NOT allow the school and/or doctors talk you into mood modifying drugs, get off your lazy rear end and do what it takes to keep your child interested in CONSTRUCTIVE activities, as many as you can possibly get him into. Correct his/her diet to include NO processed white sugar and NO artificial color additives and preservatives. If “dad” is absent, find a man you trust and know well, to assist in your efforts. Otherwise do it yourself … they require digestible CALCIUM to prevent mental exhaustion and despair.


As noted by:
1. Their inability to sleep restfully through the night
2. Their inability to stop and sit long enough to swallow their food
2. Night cramps in their legs
3. The small patch/s of tiny hard bumps near their elbows, knees, back or chest, (that don’t itch, but might turn a little bit red, depending on the physical exercise they might get for the moment)
I was told by the experts in 1988, “We know more about the most severe special needs students, than we do about ANY level of the Gifted Thrill Seeker students.” You’ve got a LONG road ahead … keep your chin up … form a group for support, you’re not the only one. If I had known then, what I know now, our lives would have been far more peaceful. Remember, CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE their little minds. You’ll use far less energy this way than if you don’t. AND MOST IMPORTANT, make sure YES means YES and NO means NO. STAND your ground, with your child and about your child.


Good luck.
It’s all easy … now.