Raising Kids and Letting Go

by admin

Raising Kids and Letting Go

I have two boys. A three-and-a-half tot and a year-and-a-half. They are full of energy and absolutely adorable. You look at them while they are asleep and you can’t help thank the high heavens for such marvelous kids.

For nine months my spouse was traveling from city to city. We took turns in taking care of the kids. When he wasn’t around, I managed to focus my energy into something productive and positive. I experienced what it was like to spend three nights in jail when my toddler got out of the house and the maintenance supervisor would not release him to an authorized care giver unless it was a natural parent. I was released on my own recognizance and it has been a challenge getting employment as soon as they ran my criminal background.

It’ll be two more months that I have to stay out of trouble until the next court hearing and the case will be dismissed. When I learned my spouse had another woman and is with child, I decided to keep composure and be sane. I had the youngest, he had the eldest child until it was time to have my youngest baptized, which was my decision before I went on an overseas military deployment. I know my spouse prays, even if it is from a generic prayer from the back of a religious candle in a grocery store. In the place where I lived, there was one situation after another like arson, and the heater tank was stolen and no repairs were to be made on the house. How can you live without water? 

I was offered to live with the boys and I did my share. I Paid for day care, groceries, care for the kids, and housekeeping. I have learned about these virtues in life: humility, forgiveness, patience, and letting go.

Letting go of the ego and hurt while you think about the benefit and welfare of the kids. I am glad I don’t have to go through uncivil relationships with ex spouses for custody of my children. Everything works out well and divine intervention has helped. Resources are available, both government and other agencies to help us raise kids.