Raising Kids – True Story!

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Raising Kids – True Story!

We have two boys, ninth and tenth grade, who are running cross country and participating in summer conditioning. Yesterday, the team had a time trial and the results determined who was chosen to go to the running camp in Mammoth. Our tenth grader ran the wrong course during the time trial and received a DNF (did not finish) for his time. Our ninth grader was the fastest among the ninth graders for the time trial. One was selected to attend the Mammoth running camp, the other was not. While our tenth grader has a year more experience and has obvious talent for running, the coaches did not select him.

Question: As parents, we had to sit both down and have a talk about what had happened. Do we:

a. Praise the ninth grader, and chastise the tenth grader for inability to follow directions
b. Not allow the ninth grader to go to camp, since his brother who deserves to go, wasn’t chosen.
c. Praise both equally for their efforts during conditioning
d. Let the ninth grader go to camp, and plan a fun activity for the tenth grader while his brother is at camp
e. Beg the coach to give the tenth grader another time trial